Advanced Whitening Formula SPF 50+

Mineaderm Advanced Whitening Formula activates the whitening agents in the skin with its active content
which gives intense whiteness and glimmer and supports obtaining the color balance in skin and a bright and glamorous appearance.
​By means of stem cell technology and other powerful actives helps to reduce the abrasive effects of time.
It helps to slow down the signs of early aging, to even the color tone and to brighten the skin.
Apply with a gentle massage until the whole product is absorbed as a thin layer.
Use twice a day regularly; in mornings and in evenings.
Keep in room temperature and out of reach of children.
Use after testing it on a patch inside the wrist. Avoid contact with eye contour.
Please refer to the User Manual for detailed information.
Bilek içerisinde (patch) test edip kullanınız. Göz çevresine temas ettirmeyiniz. Detaylı bilgi için kullanma kılavuzunu okuyunuz.


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