Marine Age Ocean Minerals Hand Cream

It helps to reactivate natural cell renewal effect thanks to Marine (Ocean) enzyme, boabab,sheabutter, extracts and precious elements for the skin it contains: Cu, Mn, Mg, Fe, Ca. It intensively moisturizes your hands. It helps smooth, vivid appearance by reducing detrimental effects of the climatic conditions. It helps to smooth out the appearance e of the lines by fighting with aging Marks, to protect the skin against the detrimental effects of free radicals and UV rays and to tighten the hand tissue. It can easily be tolerated thanks to its oil free structure and does not form oily feeling. It can be applied on clean skin in the morning- evening during the day. You can use it on the areas requiring extra care and moisture such as your hands, elbows. Use by testing it inside of the wrist. Please read absolutely the user guide before applying.


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