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Human health first...
The manufacture of beauty and care products is a service that we can produce thousands of alternatives and offer to the world. The governance model we have developed uniquely enables all of our employees to better understand the role of success they assume within the company. We are constantly researching to get better at our job. 
We organize the workflow of every project we work on, and we take care that all our employees, including the project team, remain loyal to this process. 
By preserving the research and development experience and clinical studies of our multinational raw material supplier project partners as important values in our R&D department, we also carry out the protection and maintenance-sustainable content analyzes of the formulations we developed in AKS laboratories in AKS laboratories. Our R&D investments are increasing every year in a way that can be improved.
We are growing with the aim of bringing our understanding of skill development and innovation to the next level day by day, within our governance model, by applying certification programs in accordance with our legislation with global business services and by the trainings we receive. Our manufacturing organization has been created to support our growth capacity. Our export network combines a local focus to win with consumers and retail customers in every country where we operate.
• Our international organization department is responsible for innovation and profitability by focusing on our consumers and brands in the countries where we operate.  
• Our Market Development Organization undertakes the task of getting to know the consumers and retailers in the countries where we operate and transferring the innovations to their own markets.
• Our international service services provide business support services at the lowest cost by utilizing AKS's skills and expert partners.
• Our Corporate Communications department provides sustainable corporate innovation and skills development opportunities.
Thanks to this strong company structure, we can announce our innovations to our project partners in the countries where we operate, provide better market control and achieve great savings thanks to external partnerships. We strive to be the most preferred brand and industry leader in our sector in terms of strong business execution systems and innovative marketing programs and many leadership criteria, including many of the products we manufacture.
Your satisfaction is our most valuable gain.
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